The Water Series

The Water Series is an expression and exploration of my love for this beautiful element. I've always loved the water, whether it's visiting a lake with my family and friends, surfing in the ocean, or hiking a glacier. All formations and perspectives fascinate me. This is an ongoing and evolving series as this content, and the different processes continue to grow. I express intentionally through a different range of mixed media - such as acrylic and spray paint, oil paint + cold wax, encaustic, and digital.

This series continues to expand as I love painting water for various reasons – the beauty, movement, and different forms and layers it shows us. Instead of living on the beach and surfing all day, I often paint my dream surroundings. Therefore, nothing is off-limits when it comes to water!

As I learn more, I experiment more ---or is it the other way around!?

Either way, this series provides an escape for me, and I hope it does the same for you. My goal is simple, and it is to show nature's beauty despite the form or location in hopes that it will encourage more of us to cherish and preserve this element.

The pieces are in a *rough* chronological order, starting with the very first of this series in 2018. Click on each image for details.

Please contact me with your questions, inquiries on purchasing paintings, or for commission ideas.