The Singing Forest
This series celebrates nature's concert and its mysteries while embracing elements big and small. I love trees and have been a tree lover since I could climb them. I love watching and listening to them as they often have a lot of say. They have stories, and of course, roots. Grounds and roots were a part of my compositions for a long time, and my love for trees plays a significant role in that. Trees are strong and vulnerable - they are protectors despite this thankless job. Surrounding these beautiful beasts are flowers and plants capturing bursts of warmth from the sun while soul-hugging creatures roam and fly throughout the forest. I have always loved winged creatures for as long as I can remember. Birds, bees, hummingbirds…even bats. The symbolism behind each creature is just as lovely, and they seem magical and ever so timely when they happen to fly past – have you ever noticed that? I get lost in nature's color palette and musical sounds, and these are my meager attempts at capturing the li'l wings and talll wonders that surround us.