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Mixed Media

Mixed media and what does that mean here and for me? Well, as a visual artist it means I work with many different materials and this is simultaneously, as well as combined and separately – if that makes any bit of sense. Basically, I’ll mix oil paint with cold wax (beeswax) for one painting, while on another canvas, I’ll have acrylic paint mixed with gel medium, sand, reflective glass beads, ink, paper, twine, etc., and have yet another piece that is of encaustic medium and collaged with either found objects or ephemera. That’s a basic example but I love to explore creative boundaries and experiment with different materials, and it’s all driven by my own curiosity and need to find a visual solution. I paint with acrylic paint, spray paint, watercolor, gauche, oil paint, and various inks.  

As a creative, visual art isn’t my only form of expression nor is it my favorite art form. Music is my favorite and my dream job would be to be a DJ or a director of music videos and biographies, and it is an influence with most of my creativity. Writing is something I do another form of expression and escape – and it helps with my visual art in many ways. I think it’s important to find humor in life and not to take yourself too seriously, and to continue to find connections within your own creativity.

This represents a bit of what I do and who I am, as I continue to learn, make mistakes and share – and I hope it inspires others to do the same.

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