Artist Statement

For almost my entire life, I have had a constant need to create. Intuitively creating is natural and motivates most of my art. My process has evolved as a mixed media artist, and I often feel more like a scientist. However, mixed media is a term I used for both my visual art and all of the arts influencing my creativity. Having been involved with music, theater, and Comedysportz, visual art is my main creative outlet but not my only. My art involves different materials and experiments. Some among them are other paints, cold wax (beeswax), and encaustics (beeswax + damar resin), found objects, and "mystery media," and of course, fire by torch or heat gun. 

The content changes as much as the process - and thankful that creative shifts naturally happen with me, as I believe them to be healthy and crucial no matter what the medium. Despite its origin, solving visual problems is exciting and allows me to experiment with an intentionally open plan. The connection between my art and someone else out in the world resonating with it is an incredible gift.

My inspirations evolve as I learn and grow but have consistently been inspired by and in no particular ranking or order...


nature | textures | travel | humor | music | subcultures 

| conversations |

dreams | color | curiosities | books

You can read more about the encaustic painting process here.



Sharon has been creating for most of her life and participating in various local visual art shows for the last 25 years. She graduated from UW-Milwaukee with BFA in Painting and Drawing, along with a Master of Arts in Teaching in 2009 from Cardinal Stritch University. Having been an educator for over the last 25 years, Sharon has taught art classes and workshops at The Milwaukee Art Museum, Walker's Point Center for the Arts, and at Summerfest. She was also an elementary classroom teacher for 15 years in urban and suburban school districts and an adjunct professor for five years at Cardinal Stritch University. She taught integrating the fine arts and cross-curricular differentiation in the classroom. Sharon currently teaches math, art, and science part-time to 2e students and advocates for the neurodiverse community as she works as an artist- all from her home studio. In addition, she remains active in the arts community as she is an Artist-in-Residence at The Muse Gallery Guesthouse, sits on the Visual Arts Committee for The Jazz Gallery, and curates art for Component Brewing Company. Most days, she creates in her studio while listening to all kinds of music - and with any luck, lost and creating for hours.